BSc Courses (2020-2021)


Course Code Course Name Course Co-ordinator Semester
BIOL1110A From Molecules to Cells Dr. Chan Y. W. 1
BIOL1110B From Molecules to Cells Prof. Chow Billy 2
BIOL1201 Introduction to Food and Nutrition Dr. Lu Zhang 1
BIOL1309 Evolutionary Diversity Prof. Saunders Richard 2
BIOL2101 Principles of Food Chemistry Dr. Lee Jetty 1
BIOL2102 Biostatistics Dr. Gaitan-Espitia J.D. 2
BIOL2103AB Biological Sciences Laboratory Course Dr. Lui Wing Yee 1
BIOL2103CD Biological Sciences Laboratory Course Dr. Lui Wing Yee 2
BIOL2220 Principles to Biochemistry Dr. Lo Clive 1
BIOL2306 Ecology and Evolution Dr. Ashton Louise 1
BIOL2408 Green Earth-Plants and Mankind Prof. M. L. Chye 2
BIOL2409 Biotechnology industry and Entrepreneurship Dr. Lim Wallace 2
BIOL3101 Animal Behaviour Dr. Sin Simon 1
BIOL3105 Animal Physiology and Environmental Adaptation Prof. Wong Anderson 2
BIOL3109 Environmental Microbiology Dr. S Crowe 2
BIOL3201 Food Chemistry Dr. Lee Jetty 1
BIOL3202 Nutritional Biochemistry Dr. Louie Jimmy 1
BIOL3203AB Food Microbiology Dr. El-Nezami Hani S. 2
BIOL3204AB Nutrition and The Life Cycle Dr. Lee Jetty 2
BIOL3205 Human Physiology Dr. Lui Wing Yee 1
BIOL3207 Principles of Toxicology Dr. El-Nezami Hani S. 2
BIOL3209 Food and Nutrients Analysis Dr. Lee Jetty 1
BIOL3211 Nutrigenomics Dr. Tan-Un K. C. 1
BIOL3216 Food Waste Management Dr. Habimana Olivier 2
BIOL3217 Food, Environment and Health Dr. Sobko Tanja 2
BIOL3218 Food Hygiene and Quality Control Dr. Habimana Olivier 1
BIOL3301 Marine Biology Dr. Yasuhara Moriaki 1
BIOL3302 Systematics and Phylogenetics Prof. Saunders Richard 1
BIOL3303 Conservation Ecology Dr. Bonebrake T.C. 2
BIOL3305 Tropical and Temperate Marine Ecology Field Course Dr. Russell Bayden Summer
BIOL3318 Experimental intertidal ecology Prof. Williams Gray 2
BIOL3319 Terrestrial Ecology Dr. Benoit S. Guenard 2
BIOL3328 Nearshore Marine and Estuarine Ecology Prof. Williams Gray 2
BIOL3401 Molecular Biology Dr. Yuen Karen 1
BIOL3402 Cell Biology and Cell Technology Prof. Wong Alice 1
BIOL3403 Immunology Dr. Zheng C.G. 2
BIOL3404 Protein Structure and Function Dr C M Quan 2
BIOL3406 Reproduction and Reproductive Biotechnology Prof. Wong Anderson 1
BIOL3408 Genetics Dr. Chan Y. W. 1
BIOL3419 Insect Ecology: The Little Things That Run The World Dr. Benoit S. Guenard 1
BIOL3503 Endocrinology: Human Physiology II Dr. Chan C.B. 2
BIOL3506 Evolutionary Biology Dr. Gaitan-Espitia J.D. 1
BIOL3508 Microbial Physiology and Biotechnology Dr. Yan Aixin 1
BIOL3606 Diet Disease Dr. Lee Jetty 2
BIOL3608 Food Commodities Prof. Shah Nagendra P. 2
BIOL3991A Directed Studies in E&B (Capstone) Dr. Sin Simon 1
BIOL3991B Directed Studies in E&B (Capstone) Dr. Sin Simon 2
BIOL3992A Directed Studies in FNS (Capstone) Dr. Sobko Tanja 1
BIOL3992B Directed Studies in FNS (Capstone) Dr. Sobko Tanja 2
BIOL3993A Directed Studies in MBB (Capstone) Dr. Yan Aixin 1
BIOL3993B Directed Studies in MBB (Capstone) Dr. Yan Aixin 2
BIOL3994A Directed Studies in BS (Capstone) Dr. Cannicci Stefano 1
BIOL3994B Directed Studies in BS (Capstone) Dr. Cannicci Stefano 2
BIOL4201 Public Health Nutrition Dr. Louie Jimmy 2
BIOL4202 Nutrition and Sports Performance Dr. Sobko Tanja 1
BIOL4205 Food Technology Prof. Shah Nagendra P. 2
BIOL4209 Functional Foods Dr. Wang M. F. 1
BIOL4302 Environmental Impact Assessment Dr. Jin Wu 2
BIOL4401 Medical Microbiology and Applied Immunology Dr. Lui Wing Yee 2
BIOL4409 General Virology Dr. Lim Wallace 1
BIOL4411 Plant and Food Biotechnology Prof. M. L. Chye 1
BIOL4415 Healthcare Biotechnology Prof. Wong Alice 2
BIOL4416 Stem Cells and Regenerative Biology Dr. Yuen Karen 2
BIOL4417 "Omics" and Systems Biology Dr. Zhang Jiangwen 2
BIOL4505 Oyster Aquaculture Business and Technology Dr. Thiyagarajan Vengatesen 2
BIOL4861 E&B Internship Dr. Thiyagarajan Vengatesen 1, 2, Summer
BIOL4922 Food Product Development and Evaluation (Capstone) Dr. Wang M. F. 1
BIOL4962 FNS Internship (Capstone) Dr. Lee Jetty 1, 2 & summer
BIOL4963 MBB Internship (Capstone) Dr. Yan Aixin 1, 2 & summer
BIOL4964 BS Internship (Capstone) Dr. Cannicci Stefano 1, 2 & summer
BIOL4991 E&B Project (Capstone) Dr. Sin Simon Whole Year
BIOL4992 FNS Project (Capstone) Dr. Sobko Tanja Whole Year
BIOL4993 MBB Project (Capstone) Dr. Yan Aixin Whole Year
BIOL4994 BS Project (Capstone) Dr. Cannicci Stefano Whole Year
ENVS1301 Environmental Life Science Dr. Thiyagarajan Vengatesen 2
ENVS2001 Environmental Field and Lab Course Dr. Baker D.M. 1
ENVS2002 Environmental Data Analysis Dr. Bonebrake T.C. 2
ENVS3004 Environmental, Society and Economics Dr. Dingle C.E. 1
ENVS3020 Global Change Ecology Dr. Dingle C.E. 2
ENVS3022 Environmental Science Field Course Dr. Yasuhara Moriaki 2
ENVS3028 Coastal Sustainability Dr. Thiyagarajan Vengatesen Summer
ENVS3202 Plant Physiology and Climate Change Dr. Wu J. 1
ENVS3401 Understanding Tropical Ecosystems in a Changing World Dr. Ashton Louise Summer
ENVS3402 Qualitative Data, Social Science Methods and Decision-making in Environmental Science Dr. Mumby S. Hannah 2