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The school occupies an 8-floor building with a wide range of state-of the art equipment for experimental biology, biotechnology, food and nutritional science, ecology, systematics, animal behaviour, plant and animal science and other areas of research. We also have a Central Facilities Laboratory equipped with sophisticated equipment opened for booking.

Facilities in-charge: Mr. Ng, K Y   kyng@hku.hk


Human Nutrition Laboratory


Marine Aquarium


Fresh Water Aquarium


Large Scale Aquarium


Tissue Culture Room


Plant Growth Chamber


Green House


Animal House


Real Time PCR Machine



Confocal Microscope


Confocal imaging of fluorescent specimens.

DNA Sequencer


The system is an automatic multi-colour fluorescence-based DNA sequence analyzer.
Bio-Rad Molecular Imager Gel Doc System


This DNA and protein gel documentation system enables image capturing, while the software can also analyze molecular weight and perform a host of other application.
Peptide Analyser



Flow Injection Analyser (FIA)


Flow injection analyzer (FIA) determines ammonical nitrogen, nitrite, nitrate and ortho-phosphate in liquid samples.

GE ÄKTA Purifier UPC-900


The system offers automated purification and characterization of peptides and nucleic acids.


The instrument determines concentration of a wide range of elements, mainly metals, in liquid samples.
Atomic Absorption Machine


The instrument consists of flame and graphite furnance techniques. It can determine metal concentration in liquid samples.
Leica Microsystems Jung CM 3000 Cyrostat


The cyrotome is for cutting frozen tissue.


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